The only indomethacin spray solution for pain, inflammation, and swellings of joints and tissues. Highly effective in contemporary complaints from soft tissue and joints 

Mobilat ® N Cream

Fast & effective treatment in traumatic injuries of joints, muscles, tendons & ligaments. 

The One Drop Only® Naturals toothpaste with essences of mint and aloe vera protects against caries, prevents plaque formation and cares for the gums. It provides a long lasting clean and a fresh mouthfeel.

Percutaneous antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory agent. 

For the treatment of varicose veins, phlebitis and venostasis with oedema

The One Drop Only® Classic mouthwash. It supports daily oral hygiene with antibacterial and caring ingredients.

The One Drop Only® PHARMACIA ONDROHEXIDIN Mouthwash for mild cleansing and care of the mouth and throat helps to maintain teeth and gums healthy. 

Luivac ® Tablets

Luivac ® Tablet is an oral immuno-stimulant for children and adults. Safely prevents recurrent respiratory tract infections

The One Drop Only® toothpaste concentrate. 5-times more economical than conventional toothpaste and provides consolidated medicinal oral hygiene for teeth, tongue and gums.